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You have probably tried searching on Google something that will teach you how to start a business in the Philippines or the so-called "Patok Na Negosyo"?

Marami na rin sigurong nagbigay sa'yo ng mga business ideas.

Galing sa iyong mga kaibigan, kakilala o kamag-anak.

Pero sigurado ako, marami sa kanila ang hindi nagbigay sa'yo ng exact steps kung paano, tama ba?

Marami sa kanila, nagbigay ng business ideas na sila mismo ay hindi pa rin nila nagagawa.

Because out of those ideas they gave, the one thing that they're making a ton of profit from is something I'll show in this blog post.

So lately, I've been asked by people on how to start a business in the Philippines.

First, I ask them, what kind of business do you think you can start and maintain at your current situation?

Then they usually say, they want a business that's easy to start, low capital and maintenance, and that they can do without quitting their job yet.

And of course, they want a high ROI.

So, I ask them, do you have any business ideas that follow your criteria?

For some reason, they always say a food cart business.

Alam ko yan kasi nangyari sakin yan dati.

Nagsimula din ako ng Food Cart Business kasi nakita ko na ang daming nagtatayo ng mga Food Cart. Naglabasan yung mga Master Siomai, Potato Corner, Zagu etc.

So, naisip ko, siguro malaki kumita sa mga ganitong negosyo kaya sinubukan ko rin.

Naglabas ako ng ₱100,000 para sa Food Cart.

Ang hindi ko inaasahan yung mga maintenance costs nito. 

May monthy rent, bayad sa empleyado, yung kuryente para sa Freezer at lutuan.

Sa madaling sa salita, hindi ko kinayang bayaran ang maintenance costs.

So I closed it down and learned from it.

A lof Pinoys are business minded.

But a lot of Pinoys simply follow trends, naghahanap palagi ng Patok Na Negosyo.

If their neighbor puts up a sari-sari store, they do the same.

Magtatayo rin sila ng sari-sari store. Magkatabi na silang sari-sari store.

Just go to any subdivision or any area, you would probably see 2 to 4 sari-sari store in 1 block that are walking distance apart.

The problem with that is that they are getting a lot of competition.

The end result: all of them are going to suffer. Not one sari-sari store is going to make a lot of profit.

It's that very simple idea that helped me understand the world of business.

Competition is good if there's a ton of demand for a product.


    Apple and Samsung both sell phones and yet both of them are making billions of profit. Why?

The demand for phones is so high that they can afford to have competition.

Ok so you are probably asking, "What business can I start? Where are the step by step instructions?"

I started my business with a capital of around ₱20,000 more than 3 years ago ago and that business is now helping me make over ₱400,000 in a span of 90 days. See screenshot below.

This business is actually something I do on my spare time.

It's a business that I do using just my laptop and my internet connection.

You can say that it's a laptop lifestyle type of business.

So you might be asking, what kind of business is that?

It's a digital business where I sell information products online.

These products include: 

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    Training Courses
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    Softwares or Programs

I solve people's problems by providing them Valuable Information.


   A lot of people want to learn how to grow their business and get more customers.

   So I provide them a solution.

   I offer them an information guide (eBook and course) on how to grow their business using Facebook Advertising.

   I can even do advertising for them if they want an expert to do their FB Ads.

   It's very simple to do, I can do it using my laptop and internet connection.

How Do You Start This Business In The Philippines?

Anyone can start this business in the Philippines as long as he/she has a computer and an internet connection.

It only involves these 5 steps.

1.  Choose a profitable field or niche

     A niche is like an industry, a field, a specialization or a segment of a population. It's like a group of people with the same likes and interests.  

    A niche can be something like "how to lose weight in 60 days" or "how to grow your restaurant business using Facebook" 

    (You can get my list of profitable niches by downloading my FREE eBook below)

2.  Choose a product to sell

    Don't worry if you don't have an eBook, course, audiobook or any digital product to sell. You don't have to own one in order to sell one. There are a ton of vendors on the internet who are willing to give you a huge commission for promoting their product. 

   You can earn as much as 100% commission for each product sold. 

   (You can learn more about where these vendors are by downloading my eBook below.)

3.  Create your 1-page website

   This is the part where most people have a hard time doing. It becomes very technical since it requires you to have your own website just to start.

   Believe me, it's not that hard to do.

   You just need a 1-page website where you can get people's email address. Why do you need to get their email address? So you can send them more information and help them with their problems even more. You can develop a relationship with them so they can begin to know, like and trust you.

4.  Build your automated follow up system

     Building an automated follow-up system requires you to sign up for an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends emails to people. So you can do this business even when you're not on your computer. The program sends out the emails on a predefined period. Example, it sends out 1 day after, 2 days after, 3 days after and so on. 

5.  Get a ton of people to see your website.

     Now, here's the part where it gets fun. You can actually get a ton of people to your 1-page website by simply using Facebook Ads. You can get Facebook to show your ad to people who are only interested in your niche. There are billions of people on Facebook and everyone of them can become your customer. 

     Remember,  Apple and Samsung can make a ton of profit is because of advertising. They advertise on TV, Radio and Social Media. They can reach millions of people and promote their product. 

     This is what you're going to do. But you don't have to pay a ton of money for advertising. You can actually start for as low as ₱100 in Facebook Ads.

If you want to learn more about how to start this kind of business, just click the image below.

business in the philippines
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Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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