Have you ever wanted to work from home?

How does it feel now that you're forced into doing it during this quarantine period?

Is it everything you thought it would be?

Are you able to replace the income from your job?

If you need more ways to supplement your monthly income, here are 5 Ways you can do to earn money from home.

1) Work as a freelancer or a virtual assistant

This is the easiest way to make money right now. Even if you have very little skills, you can start.

Some companies will only require you to do simple research and place them in a word file.

You can check out websites like fiverr.com and upwork.com.

You can also work as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Some VA jobs include simply answering customers via phone / messenger.

Or some will ask you to edit images or videos if you're good with editing.

Or some jobs will require you to transcribe an audio file or a video file.

These are very simple tasks that require very little skills to do.

Pay can range from $5 per hour to $20 or more per hour depending on the skill or task needed.

2) Create Your Own Blog or Do Guest Blogging

Right now, blogging can be very profitable for people who know how to write well.

Companies with websites are constantly looking for people to write content for their website.

A blog is their way of sharing valuable content to their followers.

If you are a well-versed writer or can write a decent article, then this could be for you.

Pay can range from $10 - $200 per article depending on the content and niche.

3) Start a Social Media Agency

If you know basic marketing like posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc, then this could be a field you can go into.

Companies are always looking for people to run their social media accounts in these platforms.

Many of them just require people to post images, texts, videos on specific days and times of the week.

If you know how to edit images or videos, then you're one step ahead of the competition.

These platforms have different requirements in terms of the images and videos that you can post.

It can be time consuming for companies do these alone that is why they hire social media agencies.

That could be you!

Pay starts from $200 per month to $2,000 per month depending on the workload and skill required.

4) Write an eBook and Sell It Online

Selling your own eBook can be one of the most profitable ways you can make money from home regardless if there's a quarantine or not.

If you can create an eBook that solves a specific problem of a certain population, then you can sell a lot of copies.

For example, if you can sell a $20 eBook or P1,000 eBook and sell it to 1,000 people per month.

That's $20,000 per month or P1,000,000 per month.

5) Sell Affiliate Products (Ready-made products and earn commission)

If you are not a writer and you have no skill in writing, then you might be interested in selling ready-made products (eBooks, courses, softwares, etc.).

This is the perfect place for beginners to start because you can learn about marketing while having the minimum amount of skills needed.

This is called Affiliate Marketing.

You can earn money by selling products that are created by other people and you earn a commission.

For example,

If you market a product that is being sold for $97 / month on a subscription basis and you were able to get 100 people to subscribe, then...

That's $9,700 per month of recurring monthly income where you didn't even create the product yourself.

There are a lot of websites you can start selling affiliate products from.

You can start with Clickbank.com, PayDotCom.com, JVZoo, WarriorForum, etc.

You can easily earn in US Dollars using this method.

Stay safe,

Lloyd Labso, MD

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About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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