If you’re already a full-time Online Entrepreneur, then congratulations!

You have achieved the lifestyle that millions of people around the world have dreamed of.

You have now entered a unique group of self-made entrepreneurs who have the drive, motivation and technical understanding to make a living purely online.

This is the so-called “Online Laptop Lifestyle”.

Even if you’re not yet making your full time wage from internet marketing, simply understanding the concept puts you ahead of everyone else.

If you’ve learned how to market your services, promote your own website or help other businesses and individuals, that already makes you a true pioneer.

Just a few decades ago, the idea of making money this way was completely foreign and unheard of. (Lalo na sa mga Pinoy)

This is uncharted territory and we represent an entirely new way of working and of living.

Pero ganon ba talaga ang buhay ng isang Online Entrepreneur?

Are you truly making the most of this unique position that you’ve created for yourself?

Para sa karamihan, ang sagot dito ay isang malaking HINDI!

Internet marketing can be highly stressful.

Yes, pwede pa rin siyang maging stressful.

If you aren’t prioritizing your own well-being, health and lifestyle, then it can actually be worse than working in an office 8-5.

Totoo po yan! This can actually be worse.

If you don’t know how to separate your work/life balance…

If you are constantly stressing about whether you’re going to have enough work…

If you feel completely crushed under a massive workload…

Then you can find that you never really get a time to relax.

Likewise, if you don’t get into a good routine, you can end up working from home in your underwear all day, starting work at 1pm and not finishing until 10pm.

May mga internet marketers pa nga diyan ay hindi ineenjoy ang kanilang ginagawa.

If that’s you, it can ruin your life.

You can end up spending your life-savings.

You can be awake all night without any sleep.

You can have arguments with your spouse due to financial concerns.

You can end up selling products to people that don’t really help them.

Maraming pwedeng mangyari.

Then there’s the feeling that all the work you’re doing is for other people and that you aren’t actually ‘progressing’ in any meaningful way.

Then there’s the difficult clients who make unrealistic demands and unreasonable complaints.

You can end up tired, out of shape, stressed and constantly overworked as you just try to make ends meet.

And when it gets that way, you can find yourself wondering if it was all worth it.

You took that big leap, that brave experiment and you became a digital marketer. And now you’re worse off than you were before…

The Dream of being an Online Entrepreneur

Here’s a picture of what the internet marketing lifestyle can be, if you know how to do it the right way

For starters, internet marketing can mean having your own business that you take great pride in.

Imagine being able to say “I own this website” or “I am the founder of this company”.

You’ll have your own brand.

You’ll have a company that has your personality.

You’ll be the CEO or the “BOSS”.

You can employ other people who you want to work with.

Or you may choose to do it yourself and be a solopreneur.

Less stress if you don’t have to deal with other people.

But, hiring employees can free up your time as well.

It’s a great feeling to be financially successful of course.

But being financially successful through your own grit and inventiveness – that’s a whole other level.

Yung tipong ginapang mo yung mga achievements mo kaya nasa tuktok ka na ngayon ng bundok.

(The Mountain of Success where only a few people ever reach.)

You are now at the top 10% of the population.

It’s just an amazing feeling when someone asks you, “Anong trabaho mo?”

And you tell them “I’m jobless because I fired my boss. Now, I run my own online business”.

You’ll have your own digital empire and you’ll feel like an absolute “Big-Time”.

If you’re a freelancer, working online can also give you the amazing freedom that comes from being self-employed.

Pwede mong sabihin, “I don’t want to go to work on Fridays because my son or daughter has ballet lessons.”


Kasi kaya ko? Hahah!

This way, I only ever have to work on days that I want to work. Pwedeng Monday and Tuesday lang, the rest off na.

I have complete freedom of when I want to work while everyone else is stuck 5 to 6 days a week in their job.

This allows me to run personal errands (go to the bank, do grocery, clean the house) or I can just go get a massage, go play basketball with the tropa peeps, play video games all day, go on vacation without any social commitments!

More importantly, it allows me to work on my own side hustles.

To work ‘on’ my business rather than ‘in’ it, so that I always feel a sense of forward momentum and so that I’m always progressing the business.

This freedom also affords you a range of other options.

If you are worried about the health implications of a job that involves just sitting down all day for instance, then you can get around this issue by making sure you go to the gym every morning before you start work.

I got my 1 year subscription to Anytime Fitness.

It’s only a 5 minute drive from my house.

I go to the gym 3x a week in the morning before I do anything else.

I get to keep myself healthy and fit.

Alternatively, you might decide to have an awesome home office where you do all your online business stuff.

If you take this to the absolute extreme, then you can find ways to streamline your business or to get it to run itself.

Hire someone to do the repetitive tasks.

That way, you can earn a purely passive income, meaning that you’ll earn money even when you’re sleeping or up in the air flying to your destination.

Imagine waking up the next day and you just got a raise!

It’s time to change the way that you approach internet marketing and to start choosing the lifestyle you want – instead of having it forced upon you.

How has life as an entrepreneur treated you so far?

Are you already living the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle?

Or are you just getting started?

Let me know in the comments below.

About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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