Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Make Sure You Read This All The Way!


There has been a lot of circulating news about how NWorld, now in it's 1st year, is a pyramiding scheme with no products. You'll see at the end of this review if that is true. It is better if you do your own research and decide for yourself.

You are probably reading this because you are still in doubt on a business opportunity that you have been invited to. You have every right to be. My goal in writing this is to help you understand this business and give you a clearer picture before you start.

Kahit gaano kaLegal ang isang kumpanya, kahit kumpleto ang kanyang mga documents kung ang ginagawa naman ng mga members o distributors nito ay hindi tama at hindi legal, masisira ang reputation ng kumpanya.

Before you join any Network Marketing business, make sure that your sponsor has clear and ethical marketing strategies. Make sure he/she can teach you internet marketing strategies that does not require you to deceive people. Make sure it is not based on any HYPE marketing. Remember, kung paano ka niya napasali, malamang ganoon din ang paraan na gagawin mo para makapagpasali ng iba.

Make sure you read every part of this NWorld Review to the end so you won't have any regrets when you join NWorld.  At the end of this NWorld Review, you should be able to decide whether you still want to join NWorld or not.

First of all, Alpha NetWorld or NWorld is NOT connected with Royale Business Club International Inc (RBCII).

This NWorld Review hopes to answer the question, is NWorld a Scam? I would like to be unbiased as much as possible in writing this review. I would like to cover the positive and negative aspects of the company. You might be surprised about the verdict at the end of this blog post.

What is AlphaNetWorld?

AlphaNetWorld Corporation or NWorld is a corporation committed to its motivated, self-driven, and passionate independent distributors, and to the society and government as well.

The company is engaged in the marketing of premium health and beauty products, using distinctive method of product distribution through direct selling.

It is duly incorporated and registered on July 9, 2015 with SEC (Reg #: CS201513594). It has a paid up capital of 100 Million pesos.

Is AlphaNetWorld Registered with the Government?

Documents to back up its legality are the following 1) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 2) BIR Certificate of Registration 3) Mayor's Permit 4) City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and 5) Barangay Clearance.

I tried searching for the company's registered name: "AlphaNetWorld" on the Securities and Exchange Commission's Website. The company appears to be properly registered with SEC. You may do your own research if you wish. Just go to SEC's website: (http://iregister.sec.gov.ph/MainServlet).

Who is the founder of AlphaNetWorld?

Alpha NetWorld was founded by Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, who has 15 years of experience in the MLM Industry, first as a network marketer, then a shareholder and President/COO of a Multinational Company (Royale Business Club), which he has represented and lead to numerous achievements both in the local and international arena.

Who can join NWorld?

AlphaNetWorld is not for everyone. If you found this in hopes of becoming an instant millionaire within weeks, then, no, move away and just place your money in the lottery. NWorld is not for you.

If you are open-minded and need an extra source of income to help you buy that house or car you’ve always dreamed of, or to help you retire early and spend more time with your family, then keep on reading.

If you want to be a part of a company that advocates the proper payment of taxes to the government and advocates corporate social responsibility by giving a percentage of the company's revenue to charity, then this company is for you.

Alpha NetWorld is a million peso business and should be treated as such with extreme professionalism and standards. If you, as a network marketer, are looking to gain acceptance in the business world, Alpha NetWorld is right for you.

What are the AlphaNetWorld Products?

Here’s the good part, unlike other MLM companies that offer a pre-set package, in NWorld, you can choose your own products of at least 5 variations. 

NWorld Products Include: Premium and Kojic Papaya Soaps, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, CC Cushion, Eye Gel, Body Cream, Underarm Cream, MemoGro, CoQ10 and L-Glutathione Capsules

If you would like to learn more about the other products of NWorld, you may download the full product brochure. (Click to Download)

Are the products effective?

The results of the products may vary from person to person. Some products (Kojic Soap, Premium Soap, Facial Wash) require time to notice the results. However, you can notice results INSTANTLY with the other products such as the NLighten Eye Gel and Nlighten Body Cream. 

Does NWorld offer any support?

Yes, AlphaNetWorld offers tremendous support.  The company offers free training and seminars in their branches.  They offer business orientations and product demonstrations. Make sure that you join a team that has a system of marketing the products not just offline, but through the internet. You will never run out of customers and prospects in the internet.

WARNING! Just like in any other MLM company, the person who invited you will be your sponsor for life and once you've joined, you can no longer switch sponsors.

How does Alphanetworld work?

AlphaNetWorld works by product selling and not by recruiting. Each person who joins the company should buy a package that contains the company’s products. No membership fee is charged for new members. They just have to buy a wholesale package and instantly they become a Distributor or Ntrepreneur. 

Are there any Cons?

Yes, there's certainly are some cons that you should know about before joining this company, but be sure to read the part which I enumerate why the "Benefits Outweigh the Cons."

1. Pioneering MLM company

Any pioneering MLM company is on the rough waters on its first two years in the industry.

It will be tested and many people will wait and see if all of its promises will be fulfilled.

Other companies may even try to pull a pioneering company down due to competition.

2. Stability is solely based on the track record of the management

Although the NWorld's management is composed of seasoned business leaders, NWorld is still a different and new company.

The company's stability still remains to be questioned.

As long as the company has not reached more than two years, its stability cannot be proven, only predicted.

Pro's Clearly Outweigh The Cons

1. Pioneering MLM company

Even though the company has not reached two years, you have to remember, this is an MLM company. People join due to proper timing and positioning in the structure.

For example, if you were to start a starbucks business in your area, wouldn't you rather be the first one build to it there?

Also, those who join early will have more advantages than those who join later. Those who join early has the benefit of curiosity.

People who have not heard of the company are curious and interested. Thus, inviting prospects will be somewhat easier. You may read my blog post on the "Pros and Cons of Joining a Beginning MLM Company" to learn more.

2. Stability is solely based on the track record of the management

MLM business is a relationship business. People join people they know, like and trust. If you know, like and trust the leader of the company, you will join the person behind the company. The company only exists because of the people running it and not the other way around.

The number of years a company has existed does not matter if the management is not capable of handling challenges. A company may exist for more than 5 years but may close if the management has the wrong vision for the company. Again, people join people and not the company.

Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

As of the moment, it is not clear whether the company offers a money-back guarantee.

However, a certain distributor or Ntrepreneur may offer a money-back guarantee at his own expense.

Some may offer a 30 day money-back guarantee as long as none of the products are used and some may offer a full money-back guarantee even if the products are used.

You’ll just have to find that right sponsor.

Well, here’s the part where everyone holds their breath in the hope of getting a positive response. Here is the verdict to this NWorld Review.

What's The Verdict? Is NWorld Legit or A Scam?

Before I proceed with the verdict, remember that Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing is a method of distributing products from manufacturer to consumer by way of word-of-mouth or referral marketing.

You have the opportunity in the network marketing industry to earn millions, but NOT everyone will earn millions.  Only a small percent of the distributors will earn millions.  Similar to being an employee, only those with a high paying positions are compensated very well

This can be your way to transition from being a corporate slave / employee to becoming your own boss.

Even though not everyone is earning millions in this industry, the most important thing that you should take from this is your experience of what it's like to be in some form of business; your experience of selling and feeling of rejection, failures, and sacrifices.

Now, let's go back to this NWorld Review's Verdict....

The VERDICT NWorld Review - Legit or Scam?

AlphaNetWorld or NWorld is a legitimate MLM business with sound business structure and practices duly registered in the proper government agencies in the Philippines.

NWorld can be a platform for people to earn extra money and even achieve their dreams regardless of age, sex, socio-economic status, or educational background.

Like I mentioned above, this company is in the MLM Industry where anyone can join, but it is not for everyone.

Do not get blinded by the promises of millions and expect to become rich in the next coming days or weeks.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put a lot of effort into it. Study the system and apply the strategies by your sponsor.

But believe me, earning millions in this industry can be done with time, hardwork and perseverance. The challenges are definitely worth the rewards!

Ask the person who invited you if he or she can teach you marketing strategies that you can do through the internet which does not require you to bring people to the office ALL THE TIME for a business orientation.

Here's why:

Paano kung malayo ka sa opisina o sa branch?

Paano kung maulan at bumabaha sa area mo?

Paano kung sobrang init ng panahon?

Paano kung ma-Hold-up ka pa sa biyahe mo?

Paano kung gabi ka na makauwi at maaksidente ka pa sa daan?

Is it really worth the risks kung may ibang paraan naman pala?  

Just imagine what your prospects will experience before they even join.  

If they had a bad experience during a business orientation, that means they have to experience the same thing over and over when they invite people for a business orientation as well.

Last Tip: YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR SPONSOR ONCE YOU'VE JOINED so choose your sponsor properly and wisely. Make sure that the person can provide you with professional and ethical strategies.

If you've been invited by someone who told you that you'll be having coffee, dinner or going to a movie or a party, and then you ended up in a business orientation or meeting, that's a RED FLAG that he/she is not a good sponsor.  

Just imagine what he or she will teach you to do once you've joined.  Are you really comfortable doing the same things your sponsor is doing?

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About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

  • Salamat po sa review, I’ve met someone on a dating site na member ng NWorld, though dami ng lumapit sakin for something like this na business need then to do some research then. 🙂 Sana mka join aq sa NWorld.

    • Thank you Maam Luchie for your comment. I really do hope you can join NWorld. Like I said in the last part of this Review, choose your sponsor wisely. Choose a sponsor who, not only can help deliver the products to you, but who can also help you market the products both offline (through word-of-mouth) or through the internet where there are billions of people waiting to join an opportunity like this. Another tip: There are other ways of earning in Network Marketing. You can actually earn even if people don’t buy your products or don’t join you yet. 😉 Enjoy!

      • Sir Lloyd, tama po kayo need ng matinong sponsor. Kc nadala nko pumasok sa networking company. Laging walang kwenta yung upline. Makasarili, basta cla kumita na wala silang paki na syo. Intrisado kong sumali sa nworld,kaya lang ang problema sinong matinong upline ang pedeng kausapin para makasali ako, tutulong skin para kumita. Kc marami nakong sinalihan na networking. Nasayang ang pera ko. Nakausap ko na c Catherine Flores. Kaya lang dko alam kung ok syang maging upline. Please help me. Godbless.

        • Maam Jeanette, thank you for your comment.

          I think majority ng nagsimula sa network marketing ay hindi kumita sa umpisa (with some exceptions). Karamihan kasi ng sumasali ay walang background sa marketing. Most of the time a close friend or family member pa ang nag-invite sa atin kaya napilitan pa tayo sumali. Kung minsan naman, nabulag tayo agad sa maaring kitain kasi magaling yung nagpresent ng business. Kaya tuloy nagkakaroon ng maling pananaw ang mga tao sa networking lalo na yung mga sumali na at hindi lang kumita.

          Kaya ang ginawa ko, hindi ako nagrerely sa isang sponsor at mentor lang. Naghanap ako ng iba’t ibang mentors sa iba’t ibang uri ng marketing from different companies at tiningnan ko kung ano applicable sa akin. Then, I’ll apply what I have learned para kahit anong uri ng marketing pa ‘yan, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, offline marketing, network marketing, magagawa ko with success. At kahit sa anong company pa ako mapunta, kaya kong magamit ang mga natutunan ko.

          Totoo na minsan wala nga kwenta ang sponsor na nasasalihan natin in terms of the marketing side pero titingnan din natin ang sarili natin kung ginawa na din ba natin lahat ng paraan para tayo rin ay matuto para kumita. Siyempre, it helps kung ang sponsor mo ay may system at strategies na ng pagmamarket ng produkto at ng negosyo at may sistema ng pakikipagtulungan at pagkakaisa.

          With regards to Ms. Catherine Flores, if you were already invited by her and you signed a document or application form with her, we have strict policies on respecting our co-distributor’s rights. You’ll have to wait a few months before you’ll be able to join a different sponsor without having ethical issues with the company. Hindi kasi ethical ang nangunguha ng prospect ng ibang tao na nauna na ng mag-invite.
          Kung ikaw naman ay naging distributor na or you have already joined under her group, you’ll have to be inactive for 2 years (the number of years depends on your company’s policy) before you can change sponsors.

          God bless to you too and to your success! See you at the top!

  • Good day doc lloyd , salamat sa info and pag gawa ng review regarding nworld. Newbies like me in this kind of business will learn a lot before considering joining a MLM business. Very skeptic kasi talaga ako nun una sa mga networking company , wala kasi ako alam kapag business na ang usapan lalo na sa ganitong industry. I have a couple of questions pa. Can you send me an email please?

    • Hi Lysa,

      Please check the email I have sent you. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

      Thank you!

  • Hello po sir Lloyd

    Finally member nako ng alpha team under your group sir Lloyd..
    Salamat sa mahal na panginoon I found you sir in this blog.
    This is a big blessing to me a met a person like you.

    Finally nakatagpo rin ako ng matinong leader.

    Sa lahat po ng gustong sumali sa grupo ni sir Lloyd..
    Hindi po kayo mag sisisi.

    He is a leader you can trust.

    Sir Lloyd I salute you
    Thanks be to GOD!

    Keep it up!

  • Grabe napaka credible nyo po talaga sir Lloyd Labso sa ganitong business. Buti nalang po nakilala ko kayo. God bless!

  • Hi sir Lloyd! I just wanna say thank you for your undying support, not only in this business, but to our team as well.

    God bless you sir! And keep on doing this.

  • Hi Doc Lloyd, What if i only want to try it for myself and then if its effective then i’ll sell it to my relatives and friends. Can i do that without joining MLM business?

    • Hi Maam Liza,

      Yes, you may try the products for yourself. You don’t have to sell the products. Many people actually do that. They join just to get the product discounts.

      Best Regards,

      Lloyd Labso, MD

  • Sir, tanong ko lang kung may available product kayo here in Riyadh. O kung san pwede maginquire para maging business partner. thanks

    • Hi Julius,

      We are currently in the process of opening a branch in the UAE. In the meantime, we are already shipping NWorld products internationally including UAE. I have a team that can process your orders and deliveries.

      How many products / packages do you want to be shipped to Riyadh?

      You can choose your pack by clicking the link below:

      You may choose to order more than 1 package/s to maximize the shipping costs.

      Shipping costs to Riyadh will be based on the weight of the package/s you ordered.

      You may add me and message me through my personal facebook account for faster transactions:

      To Your Success,

      Lloyd Labso, MD

  • hi nainvite na ako ng friend ng anak ko kaya lang sabi ng daughter ko ay magsearch daw muna ako sa feedback ng NWorld hangang nabasa ko ang blog mo sir Lloyd kailangan pala na kilalanin ang sponsor paano kung ikaw ang gusto ko maging sponsor?

    • Thank you for your comment Maam Rosenda!

      As long as hindi pa po kayo nkakaAttend ng business orientation sa nakaInvite po sa inyo at wala po kayong napipirmahan na form, you have the freedom to join any sponsor you want. It is your right naman po to choose your sponsor. For ethical reasons, please do inform the person who tried to invite you that you wish to join another sponsor.

      You may click the link below if you are interested in having me as your sponsor.

      Thank you po and God bless.

    • Hi Cheryll,

      The details have been sent to your email. You may also contact me directly on facebook.


      Thank you!

  • Hello sir, interested po aq sumali though wala po aq background sa.ganitong business. . .ok lng po ba? . .and ok lng po ba mag avail muna aq ng products nio para matry ko muna before i decide whether to join or not?. . .

  • Interested po ako sa Nworld. Nung sumali ako before sa Front Row, puro Negative Invite ko kaya puro Reduction at mga Downlines ko din ang Quit ng galit sa akin. Sir? Anong klaseng System ba ginagawa niyo? Ayoko po kasi ng Kidnap, Pusakal, House Party or mga Flyer.

    • Hi Lee Martin,

      Ayaw ko din po ng mga ganun. Ubos oras at nakakapagod. I do NOT give out flyers. I do NOT invite friends, family or neighbors. I do NOT use kidnapping tactics or invite people for a coffee or to party and then present them later on with a business. Those are traditional and some are unethical methods. I do network marketing professionally and ethically. I just follow a simple blueprint. If you want to learn more, just sign-up on a form that you will see on this page. Keep reading my emails and you will learn how I do networking.


  • Hello sir.. thanks for this blog..it Nlightens me..ask ko lang sir..dito samin.. to join..need to pay 16k? Products worth 16k without discount? Tama po ba? Sensya po sa tanong hehe

    • Hi Maam Djam! 14.9k lang po to start and you will get 16.5k worth of products in return. Succeeding packages po ay 12.8k na lang with 16k worth of products in return. You may also watch the 2 videos here: htt://lloydlabso.com/start-nworld-today for more information. Thank you!

  • Please send me the details po on how to join. Paki email nadin po sakin kung meron man kayong Business page sa FB and personal account nyo po if possible. Thank you in advance.

  • Great review Doc Lloyd. Nowadays, ang hirap magdecide which company every aspiring entrepreneurs should begin. Maraming pyramiding scheme na nageexist and disguise themselves as legitimate MLM company dahil sa mga documents that says they are registered. (Eh napakadali kumuha nun sa mga governing bodies kung meron kang pang-capital para magsimula.)

    I think, we should also validate the track record of the CEO or owner of the company. May mga companies na matagal na sa industriya yet still struggling. But, there are start-up companies naman na ang mayari ay sobrang may magandang performance with their other businesses.

    The date when it was founded should not always be your primary reason for choosing the company, instead check the credibilty of the owner, the person who is inviting you to join. And check if there’s a team work and not just a hype.

    • Hi Michelle, I have sent the instructions to your email. If you can’t find it, please check your spam/junk folder as personal emails can sometimes be tagged as spam.

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you for becoming a Retailer. If in case I have customers in you area, I will just forward them to you so you could get your business going right away. I will add you to our support group so you can get advice, ask questions or just make friends with other members of my group. Thank you for trusting me and have a nice day!

    • Hi Joycie! Yes we do have a branch in Davao. I can refer you to my member there. She is also a Doctor. I will send you her details via your email. Thanks!

  • Hello po Doc Lloyd! Isa po aqng OFW, bago bago lang dn po aq dito sa abroad 3 mos. Then nakita q lng ang NWORLD sa suggested post ng fb. Mag 1month q n rn pinagiisipan kung sasali ba aq sa NWORLD kc 1st time qng jo-join if ever na maisipan q tlga. Gusto q n kcng umuwi ng pinas at magkaroon ng business with a capital of 14,900php. I’m still doing my research about NWORLD kung okay bang pumasok dito. Mahirap kasi malayo sa mga mahal sa buhay. Hay. Sana mabigyan nyo po aq ng advice.

    • Hi Jin! Mahirap talaga ang maging OFW. NakakaHome sick lalo na malayo nga sa pamilya. Saang bansa ka? Buti nagsearch ka muna bago ka magsimula ng kahit anong negosyo. Just sign-up sa form at malalaman mo kung para sa’yo itong negosyo. Use your 14,900 pesos wisely. Salamat sa pagiwan ng comment dito.

  • hi doc,good day po. nais ko po sana magjoin sa team niyo po. interesado po ako pero ang balak ko po tutukan na lang sa pinas po.andito po ako ngayon sa uae po.naghahanap lang po kasi po ng upline ko na makakatulong sa akin po na gagabay na rin po kung paano kumuha nga mga prospect po. sa mga nabasa ko po dito sa blog niyo po mokang malaking maiitulong niyo po kahit malayo po kayo sa amin.kaya niyo po kami suportahan at tulungan po pagdating sa marketing business at networking na rin po.thanks po

  • nice review doc 🙂 i shall visit ur calamba office anytime this week… i must try first the product… if it’s effective.. then the rest will be history 🙂

    thanks again

  • Hi. Are the products of Nworld manufactured in Korea? If yes. I am intereated. Im into trading business. Natuloy n po ba ang branch nio dito sa UAE? If yes do we have already the halal certification of the product and approval from MOH? Let me know po.. really keen on this one. Tnx!

  • Hi sir, good day. I just wanna ask kung okay as group nila sir Renante Sato, though he was my first buyer with Megaworld real estate and napaka bait I trust him . Matagal narin kami magkakilala. I am planning to join Nworld pero nagbabasa parin ako regarding this business iniiwasan ko lang mapunta.sa maling mentor or group.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Marie,

      Sir Renante Sato is a good mentor, one of the top earners of NWorld. It is important that you trust the person before you join and you already said you trust him. There’s one thing left to do, start 🙂

      To Your Success!

  • tunay pong magaganda ang mga product ng NWorld, lalo na ang cccushion, dati na po akong member, pero kung tatanungin ninyo ako, kahit sa imagination ayaw ko na pong isipin na magne network marketing pa ako, yung mga upline na sobrang nakakagigil…. maglalabas ka ng pera na talagang dugo at pawis ang pinanggalingan, tapos lolokohin ka lang, grabe, totoo po and sinabi ninyo, talagang dapat pumili ng upline.maraming salamat po.

    • Hi Ma. Rowena,

      Sad to say, there are those who hype and make false promises. Just learn from your mistakes and continue to do your business the right way regardless if your upline helps you or not. Remember, this is your business after all. You are the one who spent the money to join and not them so let us make the most of it.

  • Hi Doc! Im interested to join in NWorld. Bago lang po ako sa ganitong business. Sana madami pa ako matutunan d2 before joining. Doc familiar po b kau ky Ms Patricia Pamela Villanueva? Is she a good sponsor? I met her during my nursing review in CBRC.

    • Hi Jen,

      I’m sorry I do not know Ms. Patricia Villanueva so I would not know if she is a good sponsor or not. You can ask her if she can teach you other ways to market your products without inviting your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers and without giving flyers. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in your business in the future.

  • if i wont do mlm, what advantages do i get by just being a user of nworld
    products? appreciate your response. God bless!

  • hello po sir lloyd..im working as a nurse and pnkilala po siya skin un friend ko po nag introduce skin nun una po ngulat ako ksi sbi ko ok yes gusto ko..then sbi ko po the next day wag muna pag isipan ko prang napilit lng po ako pero hindi po msydo naexplain skin ang bilis po ksi hehe..member po ako ng nworld dito po s uae..since nagjoin po ako i think last year i have 3 packages plng po un nabibili ko s knila until now wla p rin po ako member ksi actualy i want the product bcoz really its proven..sbi po skin nun upline ko dito pag nag avail pa dw po ako ng another package my bonus n dw po ako..sir do u think i would still continue or no with this kind of networking..maybe by june magfocus n po tlga isby ko po online and everything..thank you po..gusto ko po humingi ng advise s inyo..

  • hi doc im noel mendoza from calamba laguna,magtatanong lang po ako kung papaano ko po kaya sisimulan ang business na ito yung kapatid ko po na panganay ang owner ng acct member po sya since 2015 nagkasakit po sya ng breast cancer at sa kasawiang palad po e namatay po sya noong feb.2017 nag process po ako ng mga documents para maipalipat sa pangalan ko ang lahat ng acct ng kapatid ko at after 7months of paghihintay at pag poprocess e ito na nga po nakapangalan na po saakin ngaun hindi ko po alam kung papaano ko po ito sisimulan wala po ako company id ng nworld,wala din po ako hawak na autority to purchase para maka discount po ako ng 25% wala din po ako marketing tools papano ko po kaya ito sisimulan salamat po makaka request po kaya ako ng lahat ng yan sa nworld salamat po

    • Hi Noel,

      Sorry to hear about your the death of your sibling. It is really difficult to lose someone from their fight against cancer.

      Regarding your concern in NWorld, I would suggest you go to the Calamba office and process your ID or go to the head office in ortigas, which is faster.

      You can also contact the upline of your sibling to see if they can still support you and your team.

  • Hi LLOYD,

    I am very impressed with your approach and have reached out. The only issue will be distance po but the good news is, where im from, wala po time difference sa Pinas. Looking forward to working with you on tapping the Chinese Market!


  • Hi Sir Lloyd. Paano po ba kkita sa nworld? Balak ko sna magtry for myself then ialok din ang product online.. May pinsan ako na nagalok sa akin lastyr mejo hesitant lang ako kasi diko nman alam paano ko iaalok or imamRket ang product. Hope you can teach me.. Planning to try the product for myself lang muna

  • Hello po.from canada po.i’m interested po to join kya lng po gusto ko muna itry in my own personal use ung product nyo kng effective sa balat ko.

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