**Nyeta Moment In My MLM Days

Here's a story about a time when I almost wanted to cut my tongue off.

This happened to me around 4 or 5 yrs ago in my days as a networker and it's actually a funny story.

My wife can attest to this story.

I tried to ask this woman in a booth in a mall. I was trying to see if I can do what my uplines told me to do, walk to a total stranger and see if I can invite him/her.

That's what I did.

I started with a small conversation, asked her if she was married and if she had any children.

She said she already has 3.

And this is where I totally bombed it.

I wished I could turn the clock around and take back what I said.

I said something like "Halata naman po maam..."

In my head, I was trying to say something else because I was already thinking of what to say next instead of listening to her answer.

Siguro akala ko sasabahin nya wala pa at nakahanda na ako bigyan sya ng complement kaso iba yung sinabi nyang sagot.

**Nyeta** lang nasabi ko sa isip ko.

From then on, I told myself hindi ako pangOffline prospecting.

A common question people ask me,

Can I use Digital Start-Up Toolkit (DSUT) for MLM?

I'm here to give you a straight answer.

Op kors!

But, you might ask How?

Let's begin with why most people fail in MLM.

These old strategies may work in the past for most people, but our world has changed. Some of the old tactics are not suited to most of our personalities.

1. Make a list of 200 people you know and call them one by one for coffee then go to a 3 hr long seminar.

This is great only if you have a lot of time in your hands. Invite 10 people and meet them in the seminar or in a place where you can present the business.

You are lucky if you get at least 25 people to the seminar out of those 200.

2. They ran out of people to invite. You are really lucky if at least 10% of the 200 people in your list joined you. For the majority of us, that doesn't happen.

So what do you do when you have zero people in your list?

3. They want to get the sale right away.

They call their prospect, invite them for coffee and then what?

"Join ka na."

Well, young Luke Skywalker, you don't ask a girl to marry you on the first date.

4. They overthink it. What do I mean?

They have this voice in their head that says "Wala pa akong resulta, paano sila magjo-Join sa akin?"

That's a true obstacle if you think that the only reason people join your business is your result. I'm here to tell you that the people who will most likely join you don't care about your result.

They care about themselves. Your result will not guarantee they will have the same.

So, what do you do instead?

We'll get there.

Hwag kang atat masyado.

5. Pinilipilit ka ng upline mo na mag-invite pero hindi ka magaling makipag-usap sa tao. Ganito ang nagyari sakin.

6. Spamming the FB Newsfeed without providing value.

This tactic my work for some but over time, it gets really annoying to your friends. They're in FB to connect and socialize, they're not their to constantly see you selling your products.

So, what do they do? They click "hide future posts" so they wont see your posts anymore or worse, they click "Unfriend".

7. Your doing exactly what your competitors are doing and you are selling to the same market.

What makes you think a prospect will buy or join you when there are thousands of other people doing the same thing and selling them the same products and inviting them to the same company?

This list can go on and on...

But lets go to what you really wanted to learn.

How do I earn in MLM without doing those things mentioned above and avoiding Doc's **Nyeta moment?

What I'm about to tell you helped my MLM Business get prospects online without nagging my friends, family and co-workers or attending 3 hour seminars.

It also helped me get a steady weekly commission from the company.

1. You need to standout from a crowd of people.

You are competing not just with distributors within your company, but also with other distributors in a different company.

So how do we do this?

Become a person of authority and of value.

Provide people something that will improve their life.

Remember, your prospects are selfish. They want to know "What's in it for them?"

2. Your MLM business starts when you ran out of prospects.

This is really a tough concept to absorb. If you have 200 people on your prospect list and you've invited all of them already, this is when you should learn how to add more.

The way I did this is, I went online and found my prospects. I constantly built my prospect list via email using the concepts inside DSUT.

3. I used email to build a relationship with my subscribers.

I never asked for the sale without giving them value first.

So if you're like me, hindi ka magaling makipagusap sa tao ng harapan, pwede naman via email. Maiiwasan mo ang magkaroon ng sarili mong **nyeta** moment.

4. I developed a system with my downlines.

I filtered my prospects and then send only those who are sure to join to my downline for assistance and closing.

This is great if you are far away from your company office and you have downlines who are near the office.

5. The next method is called spillovers.

I showered my downlines with spillovers so they can easily get their own results.

Their results may not be big right away, but it surely motivates the team to do well knowing you did half of the battle for them.

6. Focus on the ff-up.

Now, this is very difficult to do if you are calling your prospects. Magtutunog nagger ka na at lalayuan ka nila. So, here's where email comes in again.

The email does the ff-up automatically. The other method is retargeting, you can do this in FB Ads really easily so they keep seeing your Ad. Now, try changing the Ad from time to time so it wont be annoying yo them.

7. Build an FB Group of like-minded people.

You want to have people who want to be there.

That means they want to learn from you and interact with other people whose interests share theirs.

Afterall, networking is really about connecting with other people, building relationships.

Remember that in MLM "People join people, not companies."

Your prospect joins you because he trusts you or else he / she could just join somebody else in the same company as you.

Again, to answer the question, can you use Digital Start-Up Toolkit for your MLM business?

Op kors!

That's how I got my weekly commission cheques (See Photo Below) from the MLM Company i joined before.

About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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