The importance of having a good Opt-in Conversion Rate.

First, let’s define some terms…

Opt-in conversion rate = (# of people who viewed the optin page or form / # of people subscribed) x 100 

Sales Conversion rate = (# of subscribers / # of people purchased) x 100 

For example...

You are selling a P500 eBook.

Scenario A:  50% Opt-in Conversion Rate & 1% Sales Conversion Rate

You sent 10,000 people to your optin page and 5,000 subscribed. (50% Opt-in Conversion Rate)

Out of 5,000 who subscribed, 50 purchased. (1% Sales Conversion Rate)

Total Sales = 50 x P500 = P25,000 in sales

Scenario B:  **25% Opt-in Conversion Rate & 1% Sales Conversion Rate (Remains the same as Scenario A)

You sent 10,000 people to your optin page. Only 2,500 people subscribed. (25% Opt-in Conversion Rate)

Out of the 2,500 who subscribed, only 25 purchased. (1% Sales Conversion Rate)

Total Sales = 25 x P500 = P12,500 in sales

You see, having a good Opt-In Conversion Rate could mean the difference between having a profitable business from a non-profitable business if we have to take into account the expenses.

Now, in my recently launched eBook, the FB Ads Secrets, you might have noticed that it was a lead magnet.

Traffic came from FB Ads and from an FB Group.

From FB Ads Alone (Cold Traffic), I was only getting around 60% Opt-In conversion rate.

When I posted the lead magnet in a group who are highly targeted, the conversion rate went up to 74.38%.

Now, it’s really easy to get traffic from FB Groups especially if the lead magnet is something the groups really really want & need.

But, it takes some Marketing Skills to actually get a 60% opt-in conversion rate from cold traffic using Facebook Ads.

Fortunately for us, these marketing skills are LEARNABLE.

So, what are the factors that can affect your Opt-In Conversion Rate.

11 Factors That Affect Opt-In Conversion Rates

1. Type of traffic / people reaching the opt-in page. Are they highly targeted?

2. The lead magnet. Does it provide a solution to their problem?

3. The headline, whether it is specific to the target audience

4. Supporting texts (benefits of getting the lead magnet)

5. Loading speed of the opt-in page

6. Single vs. Double Opt-In

7. Photo / Video of the lead magnet

8. Call-To-Action Button

9. Overall Design of the opt-in page should be neat / professional-looking

10. Market saturation and competition

11. Some hosting providers block IP Addresses coming from certain cities & countries

So, go over your opt-in pages, make sure you are:

#1 Able to measure your Opt-In Conversion Rates

#2 Able to get at least a 40% Opt-In Conversion Rate, which is a decent opt-in rate for cold traffic in my experience

#3 Split-Testing Changes to improve your Opt-in Conversion Rates

#4 Researching your target market

#5 Optimizing your website / landing pages / opt-in pages

If you’ve found value from this post, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great day ahead!

About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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