1.  Listen to other people’s negative comments

It is already understood that when you enter the world of network marketing, you will get a lot of criticism from a lot of people; from your loved ones, your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  Almost 90% person of people in your inner circle would probably discourage you in joining Network Marketing.   If the negative comments aren’t bad enough, they probably would even laugh at you and unfriend you from their Facebook.

That’s the reality of Network Marketing.  However, if you surpass those negative criticism, you will be included in the list of successful people in this business.  Why?  Successful marketers use these criticism to motivate themselves into proving that they made the right choice in joining Network Marketing.

2.  No BIG “Why”

If you lack a deep reason as to why you joined network marketing, you will probably quit in the first 3 months.  This is the most vulnerable time for a network marketer.  Every person they know will discourage them until such time they grew tired of the discouragement and then they quit.  If you lack a BIG “Why”, you will allow those discouragements to pull you down to the ground until you can no longer get back up.

Every Network Marketer needs the BIG “why”.  I am not just talking about the fancy sports car that you have always dreamt about.  I’m talking about the much deeper reason as to why you joined Network Marketing.  I’m talking about doing it for the love of your family, in order to spend more time with them and not being stuck in your 8 hours and 5 days a week job.  This includes being able to attend all the important moments in your child’s life, being at the breakfast and dinner table every single day to talk with your spouse and children, being able to see your child graduate from elementary, high school and college and seeing them get awarded for the hardwork they exerted in school and being able to be recognized when they get up on stage and acknowledging that your presence in their lives was the main reason they succeeded.

Find your deepest “Why” and you will not fail in network marketing.  Use that everyday to motivate you to do things outside your comfort zone.

3.  Depend on their “Sponsor/Upline” too much

A lot of network marketers depend on their upline too much.  If your a beginner who started network marketing in less than 6 months, I would not blame you if you depended on your upline.  However, if your upline has already taught you everything that you should know and you still depend on him every single day, this can become a cause of your failure.

At some point in your Network Marketing career, you should be able to stand up for yourself.  You may attend the trainings and seminars on your own without your upline pushing you and motivating you to attend.  He doesn’t need to be at your side every single time.  You may from time to time ask for their help because it is their responsiblity as your sponsor, but don’t depend on them too much because they probably have dozens of other beginners relying on them.

Be proactive and learn whatever you can from your uplines/sponsors then go and seek your own downlines to mentor.

4. Feel hurt from rejection

Rejection is like the other side of the coin when it comes to Network Marketing.  There’s no doubt in my mind that every single person in Network Marketing has experienced rejection at least once.

You probably experienced your first rejection when you invited your relative or best friend about your business then you get rejected faster than you can blink.  You probably haven’t even showed them what the business is all about and they rejected it already.

Feeling hurt from rejection is not really the reason you will fail from network marketing.  Dwelling on the rejection and thinking that every person you probably may come across will reject you is the reason you may fail.

Everyone has been rejected and the more rejections you receive in this business, the stronger you get.  Review your prospecting and inviting techniques, may be they need improvement.  I’m sure when you learn how to properly prospect and invite, you lessen your rejection rate.

5. Re-Invent the Wheel

This is almost inevitable when it comes to Network Marketing.  You may have experienced a dead-end in your business and you feel that the strategies they teach you isn’t working.  You may be right and you may also be wrong.  The moment you start thinking about re-inventing the wheel, that’s when you spend a lot of time trying out a lot of things and finding a lot of errors.

If you feel that certain strategies your uplines/sponsors taught you aren’t working, look for other strategies that people have already tested and have worked for them.  Do not create your own unless you have a lot of time to waste.

6. Lose Credibility and Character

When you have reached a certain time in Network Marketing that people you know expect you to have reached your dream sports car or dream house, you become so desperate in living up to the hype that you start to pretend that you do have the sports car or dream house that everyone expects you to have.  You may even be forced to buy something you really can’t afford just to show off.

Sometimes, you create tactics to entice people to join them in their business just so you could earn more, and so that reflects in your Sales Statistics in a manner lucrative. Sometimes, these tactics become unethical to the point of almost deceiving the people just so they could join you in your business.

That’s when you lose credibility and your character and it’s downhill from there.  No one will ever trust you again if they find out the truth.  Remember, Network Marketing is a people business.  People join people and not companies.  People join you because they know, trust and like you.  If you lose your credibility and character, people will no longer trust you and will dislike you.

7. Stop learning

The moment you stop learning is the moment you start to lose interest in what you do.  Network Marketing is an evolving business.  The things you were taught 5 years ago may not even be applicable today.  Strategies in prospecting and inviting may have changed.

The internet is now the most powerful tool in Network Marketing!  It allows you to connect to people from all over the world!  You may have people you don’t know joining your business from another country you probably have never heard of if you know the proper way to use the internet for your business.

Facebook is the number 1 example.  Billions of people use Facebook nowadays.  Facebook allows every user to advertise their business on Facebook.  You can target specific people on Facebook with the desired characteristics that fit your business.  Example, if you are selling women’s products, you may opt not to sell these products to men.  You can ask Facebook to target only women with specific qualities such as those who like a certain brand of perfume.

There’s a lot to learn from the internet, so don’t stop learning!

8. Don’t Learn from their mistakes

This is somewhat a clichè.  You probably heard this a thousand times.  You have to learn from your mistakes.  When you do something that didn’t work, always try to go back and trace your steps.  Ask yourself, what part may have been the reason it didn’t work?  If you are on your business presentation and suddenly your client lost interest, go back and think about the last thing you told them, may be its what you said, the tone of your voice or your body language.

Always learn from your mistakes or even better, learn from other people’s mistakes.  Always attend to your companies tranings and seminars, listen to other people’s testimonies.  Listen to their mistakes and make sure you don’t do them.

9. Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Mindset

This is definitely one of the worst and you are set to fail if this is the main reason you joined network marketing.  Network Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.   You may get rich pretty fast in this business if you put your heart, brain and hardwork into it.  You don’t just join the business hoping it will run itself and tomorrow or next week you become rich, that’s not how this works!

Erase that from your mind.  Always think that Network Marketing is a business that could potentially make you rich as long as you do everything right.   Give it some time, maybe a few years.  Don’t quit your day job after 1 month of doing the business.  You are setting yourself up for a huge disaster.

10. Have Too many Excuses

One of the main reasons why people fail is because they have too many excuses!  I mean, you have probably heard 10 different excuses that people tell themselves for not doing something they should have done a long time ago.

“I don’t have the money.”

“I don’t have the time. ”

“I already know what that is.”

“I know everything there is to know about network marketing.”

“Just send it to my email and I’ll read it when I get home”

“It’s too late, I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

“Today is a holiday, I shouldn’t be working on a holiday.”

I may have used some of these excuses at one point in my life, but I made sure that whatever excuse I have for not doing something, I make up for actually doing it the following day.

11. Do Not Adapt to New Systems

This is somewhat related to #7.  People who fail to adapt to new systems in Network Marketing will most likely fail.  My main example is the use of the internet.  It has been with us for more than 15 years and yet we Filipinos fail to utilize it to even half of its full potential.  Social Media Marketing is the New System of Network Marketing.  You can connect with people from all over the globe with different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many many more.  If you are not able to adapt to the new system, you are actually decreasing your chances of becoming successful.  You are already limiting your potential as an entrepreneur and as a network marketer.

12. Set Unrealistic Goals

We have probably done this before.  We have been told to create our dream board.  We cut pictures of things that we want in the future like owning 3 sports cars such as a Ferrari, Porsche and a Lamborghini, a mansion with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

There’s is nothing wrong with dreaming, but if you wish to achieve your goals, make sure you set realistic ones.  I don’t mean to set them low that there is a 100% chance you will reach them with very little effort.  I mean set them high enough that they are beyond your comfort zone and yet they are still within reach.  You may dream of having an SUV to drive your family around, a 4 bedroom house with a parking garage in an exclusive subdivision or a fully furnished condominium in the city, quitting your horrible job and work from home.  You may even dream of going to Paris with your spouse.  These are realistic goals that are achievable.

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About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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