Motivating someone is one of the most difficult things to do that is why effective motivational speakers get paid so much.  However, not many speakers can motivate and teach people what to do at the same time.

What’s going to happen when you motivate a person who does not really know what to do?

I remember a few years back, I was still excited about a new business.  I would always talk about this new business with my wife during lunch and even before we sleep.  Lagi ko sinasabi sa kanya “kikita tayo sa negosyong ito,” “ito na talaga pag-asa natin kumita ng malaki para mabili natin yung dream house natin.”  

Lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya “business tayo”, “business tayo,” and “business tayo”

And after awhile, when we still didn’t have the results we wanted.  I knew she was already growing tired of this business stuff I kept talking about. 

But, I kept myself motivated by watching inspirational videos, motivation talks on the internet. I kept myself motivated because I knew I can make the business work and get results. Unfortunately for my wife, reality was already settling in for her.  The expenses of maintaining the business plus the hours we’ve spent to keep it going were already too much for us to handle.

Umabot na sa point na kahit kinakausap ko siya, alam ko na iniisip nya “Business na naman, puro na nga tayo gastos diyan, hindi naman tayo kumita.”  Sometimes I think she only listened to me because she loves me, not because she was still interested in the business.

So, what happens when you motivate a confused person?  You just have a motivated confused person going fast towards nowhere.

Motivation + Confusion = Fast Cycle of Going Nowhere

Then, one of my favorite motivational speakers said, If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  

The truth hurts when I realized this.  I kept on doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  I needed to do something different.  Where do I start?  

So I searched on the internet for days, looking for answers.  Then, I came across this information. In order to know where to start,

 “Think INSIDE the box.”  

I was a little surprised because this is not the usual phrase I hear.

Thinking INSIDE the box just means you start with yourself.  You analyze yourself, know yourself. Seek within you the knowledge and skills you think you can use to become successful.  What are the experiences have you had before and the resources you have now? 

So ask yourself, how will this information I have gathered about myself help me become successful in what I’m doing?

Let me know what you guys think.

To your Success,

Lloyd Labso, MD

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About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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