My wife, my daughter and I were eating at this restaurant and it occurred to me, waiters and waitresses are good persons to prospect.  This inspired me to write this blog post on How to Properly Approach and Invite Waiters into your MLM Business.  I know many of you probably don’t have time to actually do prospecting in other places but I’m sure you take the time to eat.

Reasons why you should add waiters / waitresses to you prospect list

1.)  They are ready to entertain your questions

This is the most obvious reason why should add them to your prospect list.  Waiters are paid to listen and serve their customers.  So, if you ask them a question, they would not hesitate to answer you.  Using your MLM Scripts on them would most likely get you a positive answer.  If they are not interested, don’t worry, the other waiter may be your future MLM leader.  

2.)  They have a good personality

Waiters, by default, should have a good personality, or at least project a good personality. They know how to use the proper body language in order to satisfy their customers.  They know when to smile, use hand gestures, use the proper words in order to give a customer the best experience in their restaurant.  

3.)  They are ready to help others

They are already in the business of helping other people and serving their customers.  Inviting them in your MLM business would only mean continuing what they’re already comfortable doing.  So, it won’t be a very difficult transition.

4.)  They meet a lot of people 

By the nature of their job, they are around groups of people constantly.  And most of the time, they probably meet new people especially customers. They probably have met groups of successful people and if these people like their service, these people would remember them and probably would recommend their restaurant to others.  Then, they could add these successful people to their prospect list as well.  Again, successful people are usually the ones who are open-minded.

5.)  They’re most likely looking for additional sources of income

Many waiters and waitresses in the Philippines, whether they are working in a fast food chain or high class restaurants, are most likely looking for ways to add another source of income.  The truth is, they are most likely not making a lot of money from their job and would probably quit their job the moment they find another with a bigger pay.  

These people usually have big dreams.  But with their current salary, they probably just set their goals lower thinking that they could never achieve their dreams with the job that they have.  Sadly, this is true, but it doesn’t mean they can never achieve their big dreams.  They just can’t achieve it with their current job.  Introducing them to your MLM business could ignite their burning desire in achieving their dreams.

Here’s a sample script to use to prospect the waiter the next time you eat out with your friends or family.

Ask the waiter to get you something like a glass of water.

You:  “Sir, pwede kami makahingi ng dalawang basong tubig please.  Thank you!”

Then, when he comes back with your water. Start the conversation with a compliment.

You:  “Thank you! Ang bilis niyo naman sir magServe.  Excellent ang service ninyo dito.”

Waiter:  “Salamat po!” (They will feel grateful because they probably don’t hear a compliment like that from their customers.  They usually get negative remarks.)

If they have a name tag on their shirt, use their name when you talk to them.

You:  “[Name], Matagal ka na ba dito nagtatrabaho?”

Waiter:  “Mag 2 years na po ako dito sir.”

You:  “Siguro, sobrang nageenjoy ka, [name], dito sa trabaho mo.”

Waiter:  (You will get two possible answers)

  1. “Opo sir, sobrang nageenjoy po ako dito.”
  2. “Ok lang naman sir kasi wala akong ibang pwedeng pasukan na trabaho” (or something negative)

Regardless of their answer.

You:  “Ako nga pala si [your name], may project kami this year ng mga kasosyo ko and naghahanap kami ng mga katulad mong masisipag at magaling makitungo sa tao. Kung hindi ito makakaapekto sa trabaho mo, tingin mo pwede mo subukan?”

Naturally, they would ask you what it’s about.

Waiter:  “Anong project ba iyan sir?”

You: “Alam kong marami kang gustong malaman [name], sasagutin ko lahat iyan kapag hindi ka na busy dito kasi baka mapagalitan ka pa ng boss mo.”  (Of course, you wouldn’t want them to get fired on their job by taking too much of their time)

Waiter:  “Ay onga sir”

You: “Kunin ko na lang contact number mo para tawagan kita after ng work mo”

Waiter:  (gives you their number)

You:  “Anong oras kita pwede tawagan”

Waiter:  “Mamayang mga 10pm siguro sir or bukas ng 8am”

Some marketers would give their business card to the prospect.  I, personally don’t do it this way because you don’t know when they’re going to give you a call.  So instead of you waiting for them to give you a call, you should be the one to call them.  So get their number and make sure to ask when is the right time to call.  This way they know when to expect your call.  

If they say they are not interested, move on to the next waiter. 

I would love to hear your feedback.  Please leave your comments below.


About the Author

Lloyd Labso is the founder of Digital Start-Up Toolkit. He is a general physician by profession. He is an author, blogger, internet and network marketer. He has built several online websites for other entrepreneurs that have gone to generate massive income.

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