The Dream Of Being An Online Entrepeneur


 If you’re already a full-time Online Entrepreneur, then congratulations! You have achieved the lifestyle that millions of people around the world have dreamed of. You have now entered a unique group of self-made entrepreneurs who have the drive, motivation and technical understanding to make a living purely online. This is the so-called “Online Laptop Lifestyle”. Even if you’re not yet making […]

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11 Factors That Affect Opt-In Conversion Rates


 The importance of having a good Opt-in Conversion Rate. First, let’s define some terms… Opt-in conversion rate = (# of people who viewed the optin page or form / # of people subscribed) x 100  Sales Conversion rate = (# of subscribers / # of people purchased) x 100  For example… You are selling a P500 eBook. Scenario A:  50% Opt-in Conversion Rate & 1% […]

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