BPI Pamana Savings Account


 “Give your child the best baon for life.” – www.pamana.com.phBank of the Philippines (BPI) has just released a new type of savings account that I personally think is a great way to help Filipino families. They call this BPI Pamana Savings Account. Don’t confuse it with Panama (with the n and m switched around).  It […]

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12 Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing


 1.  Listen to other people’s negative comments It is already understood that when you enter the world of network marketing, you will get a lot of criticism from a lot of people; from your loved ones, your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  Almost 90% person of people in your inner circle would probably discourage you in […]

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Para Maging Successful ang Negosyo, Alamin ang 17 Powerful Tips and Tactics na ito.


 “Alamin ang 17 Powerful Tips and Tactics Para Maging Successful ang Negosyo…” Ipapakita ko sa blog post na ito ang ilang mga powerful tips and tactics na ginagamit ng mga kilalang successful entrepreneurs para maging successful ang negosyo nila. Gusto mo ba malaman kung paano maging successful ang negosyo mo? Kilala niyo ba sila Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and […]

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